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You already have a Kappa framework free license. Language bindings and keywords and examples for .Net (C# and Visual Basic), Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua, Java, etc, are no additional cost. Psi Lambda LLC’s policy is to not charge for new versions of the Kappa framework even if the versions include major new features. Maintenance fixes are provided for free. Kappa framework licenses function for all Kappa platforms. Here are the prices for all of the Kappa framework software license keys:

Current Prices

License Type Price Description
Free $0.00 (USD) 0 copies of a Software License Key: limited to: 10 variables, 125 puts, no OutputRoutines, one Kappa instance
User $400.00 (USD) 20 installed copies of Kappa (using the Kappa Software License Keys)
Field Forge™ $600.00 (USD) 2 Field Forge™ server instances and 20 installed copies of Kappa
Enterprise $5000.00 (USD) 20 Field Forge™ server instances and unlimited installed copies of Kappa (using the Kappa Software License Keys) within one enterprise
Distribution/Developer $10,000.00 (USD) One Field Forge™ server instance and one installed copy of the Kappa Software License Keys included with one software product into a private (non-shared) directory location that is used only by Licensee’s product

A software license can be upgraded with the cost consisting of the difference in price. Please contact: kappa <at> psilambda <dot> com for license questions, questions about pricing for customizations, contracting Psi Lambda LLC for software projects, or software escrow. Contact Psi Lambda LLC for volume pricing, classroom use, and to request license grants for research use. You may also use the contact form below.

New license–effective immediately and shipped with version 1.3 and later

Attachment A of the License has been modified to be more permissive. Specifically, it allows for developing with the Kappa framework and redistributing the Kappa framework components (but not the Software License Key(s)) with your application without upgrading to a Developer License. Under this arrangement your customers would buy the Software License Key(s). Use the contact form below if you wish to communicate about licensing possibilities.

The only change to the License.txt is the following replacement for Attachment A:


Redistributable Components

The following files may be redistributed with software applications:

* Windows
- Any files installed by the installer program--including the installer program.

* MacOS
- Any files installed by the installer program--including the installer program.

* Linux
- Any files installed by the RPM or DEB files including the RPM or DEB files.

The following terms and conditions apply to Licensee's use of the
components listed above ("Redistributable Components") of the SOFTWARE:

1. Customer may transfer, redistribute or sublicense, the license
rights pursuant to Sections 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 of this Agreement in connection with
the Redistributable Components to end users of Licensee's products.

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