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Kappa version 1.4.0 for CUDA 3.2 Release Candidate

Version 1.5.0 is now available

Version 1.4.0

To use Kappa version 1.4.0, please make sure that you have the 260.XX/3.2 device driver and CUDA 3.2 toolkit installed.

    Due to the CUDA 3.2 removal of 32 bit device support for 64 bit operating systems, please note the following:

  • If Kappa has been installed previously, please remove -m32 from kappa.conf.
  • Add -arch=compute_20 instead of -m32 if Fermi gpu and surfaces and printf are desired.
  • Delete old ptx files.

Please regenerate OutputRoutines and remake the projects.

On Windows, version 2.8.3 or newer of CMake is needed. A version that works is available here .

Please see the version change log for what is new in version 1.4.0.