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Kappa for Macintosh

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The NVIDIA Development Driver is needed for all CUDA 3.2 software–including Kappa version 1.4 or higher. The NVIDIA Development Driver is needed for all CUDA 3.1software–including Kappa version 1.3 or higher. You will need the CUDA Toolkit to work with CUDA and compile Kappa examples and extensions. The SDK is not needed but it does have interesting CUDA kernel examples.

XCode is needed to provide the compiler development tools.

CMake is needed if you want to use the provided or created CMakeLists.txt files.

You may wish to install the FreeTDS, Oracle instantclient, PostgreSQL, or unixODBC database drivers for database access from Kappa.

The FreeTDS, PostgreSQL, and unixODBC database drivers are provided below in case you have any trouble locating a suitable version. For any of these, the command:

sudo tar -C /usr/local -xvf driver-version-darwin.tar.gz

where driver is the database driver name and version, will unpack them into the /usr/local folder. The PostgreSQL driver unpacks into the /usr/local/pgsql folder–you may want to issue the command:

sudo mv /usr/local/pgsql/* /usr/local
sudo rmdir /usr/local/pgsql

to move it directly into /usr/local.

Kappa for Macintosh