Psi Lambda LLC ψ(λκ) Kappa Library User Guide

Kappa Namespaces

All Kappa namespaces are in a hierarchical slash delimited path format. All namespaces beginning with "/kappa", in any combination of upper or lower case, may be used by the Kappa library and a developer should try understand the consequences of explicitly using such a namespace prior to its usage. Kappa Variable, Value, module, kernel, subroutine, function, and other names, either have an implicit full namespace qualified name or can be given an explicit namespace qualified name. The implicit name starts with the following root namespace path:


When the first !Context context_name; statement is given, it appends to this path:


Any other !Context other_context; statements or !Function; call statements also append to the current namespace path while they are in effect—while the other context is valid or the function call is proceeding.

Any name that needs to be unique such as Kappa Variable, Value, module, kernel, subroutine, or function name, has the current namespace path prepended to it to construct a unique and fully qualified name. Kappa C/Kernel, CUDA/Kernel, and Print names have their arguments and map appended to create a unique command name for scheduling and tracking.