Psi Lambda LLC ψ(λκ) Kappa Library User Guide


Please read Chapters 1 and 2 of the NVIDIA CUDA C Programming Guide prior to reading this or other Kappa manuals. It is recommended that you read all of the NVIDIA CUDA C Programming Guide prior to using Kappa. Kappa uses only the CUDA driver API that is installed by the NVIDIA driver (and toolkit) installation. It has no dependencies on but will interoperate with the CUDA runtime libraries

Kappa provides a library for creating processes to use combinations of CPUs and a GPU for tasks. Within a single host program process, a Kappa process can be created for each CUDA GPU—using all GPUs. Each Kappa process can use all of the multiprocessors of each GPU, share all of the CPUs of the host system, have its own separate namespace, and have its own separate CUDA context. The Kappa library provides:

The Kappa library was designed to be especially ease to use by providing, for example: