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What is New

Field Forge™

Field Forge™ brings massively parallel processing (MPP) to PostgreSQL’s current single-threaded sessions. Field Forge™ utilizes the MPP power of the Kappa framework.

Version 1.5.0 of the Kappa framework is now available.

Version 1.5.0 is now available on the Download pages. See the Changelog for details.

To use Kappa version 1.5.0, please make sure that you have the 260.XX/3.2 device driver and CUDA 3.2 toolkit installed.

    Due to the CUDA 3.2 removal of 32 bit device support for 64 bit operating systems, please note the following:

  • If Kappa has been installed previously, please remove -m32 from kappa.conf.
  • Add -arch=compute_20 instead of -m32 if Fermi gpu and surfaces and printf are desired.
  • Delete old ptx files.

Please regenerate OutputRoutines and remake the projects.

On Windows, version 2.8.3 or newer of CMake is needed. A version that works is available here .

Updated Windows Quick Start

The Kappa Quick Start Guide for Windows and the Download/Kappa for Windows have been updated to provide better guidance on OpenMP, DirectX, and Windows 64 bit.

Psi Lambda LLC is discontinuing support for Python

Due to the lack of multi-processor thread support in Python, Psi Lambda LLC is discontinuing support for Python. While usage of Kappa is stable with Python when Python is embedded within Kappa such that Kappa properly creates the interpreter, the common distributions of the Python interpreters do not properly initialize thread support and are subsequently unstable with Kappa’s multi-processor threaded execution. The 1.5.0 KappaCUDA Python package and the source code will remain available but no further versions or support will be offered. This will be reviewed and changed when:

  • Python adds multi-processor thread support.
  • The Python interpreters that are distributed enable full thread and multi-processor support

The source code for the KappaCUDA Python package and keyword are available under MIT License. Interested parties may take over maintenance and support.

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