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Kappa Bottom Line

This is a little discussion about the cost of your company implementing the functionality and speed contained in the Kappa Library.

Let us start by assuming, if you hire or use your programmers to implement the functionality and speed that you would get by buying the Kappa library, that your cost for each programmer’s hour of time is $50. If you are a manager in charge of a budget, you are now probably wondering where you would get any decent programmers for that price. Feel free to plug your (probably much higher) numbers into the following discussion.

The price of Kappa for use on 20 servers is $150, for your whole company it would be $500, and for use in a software product it would be $1000. Divide each of these by $50 / hour to see how many hours your programmers would work:
$150/$50/hour = 3 hours for implementing on 20 servers
$500/$50/hour = 10 hours for deploying company wide
$1000/$50/hour = 20 hours for deploying a software product.
Now, if you think that your programmers can implement the functionality and speed that you need from the Kappa library (with testing, etc) in those numbers of hours, then you probably should not be buying the Kappa library. If instead the range of 3 to 20 hours is closer to the number of hours that yours programmers will spend in meetings discussing whether you should buy the Kappa library, then maybe you should just go ahead and buy it.

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