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Kappa Extras–NVIDIA CUDA coming to a language near you

The Kappa Extras are available for download. These MIT licensed extras allow using CUDA via the Kappa Library from many more programming languages.

These are now (as of Kappa version 1.2) distributed in the Kappa installation.

Extras for Kappa via SWIG

The following files allow wrapping the Kappa Library for use by the languages supported by SWIG. These were generated using SWIG version 1.3.40. Please refer to the SWIG documentation for further information on the mapping between languages and C++. Perl, Python, Lua, and Ruby have been tested as working properly and can at least be considered as beta status. There is a package KappaCUDA_1.2-1.tar.gz for R that compiles and loads and that passes the standard checks with 5 warnings. PHP appears to compile properly but has not been tested further. Octave, TCL, and R appear to compile and to load properly but have not had any functionality tested. Other languages (allegrocl, chicken, csharp, guile, java, mzscheme, ocaml, and pike) have generated wrappers but have not been even compiled and are probably at a pre-alpha level.

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